Home Assessment Service

Dealing with the Disability Trading Company has many advantages. Our profits are 100% used to support our disability charity, our staff have experience of disability, and we have Trusted Assessors on our team.

Professional, helpful advice

Our ability to offer Trusted Assessors means that if you are thinking about buying a specialist bed, chair or stairlift and you need advice, we can provide it. Not only that, but we will come to your house and check out your living situation. We will take the right measurements to make sure the item you want is also the item you need.

Rise and Recline Chairs and Profile Beds

Specialist chairs and beds need to be the right height for your comfort and safety. They need to be on the right kind of surface, with the appropriate handrails, armrests and head support. Our Trusted Assessors will make sure you get all the details right.


It is crucial that proper and accurate measurements are taken of a staircase before a stairlift can be fitted. Clearance at the top and bottom of the stairs, awkward corners or uneven treads all need to be noted and accounted for.

Evenings and weekends

We understand that if an elderly or disabled relative needs to invest in a rise and recline chair, a homecare profile bed or a stairlift, other members of the family want to help and be involved. For this reason we can offer evening and weekend visits after normal working hours. You can attend the assessment and have the total reassurance that your family member is getting the right advice and the right product.

We may not sell you anything

If our expert Assessors feel that the purchase you want to make is not the right equipment for you, they will tell you. Their paramount concern is the safety and well being of our customers - even if they do not become customers in the end.

Arrange a consultation

Call us on 01925 416624 for the Warrington area or 0151 709 0121 for Liverpool to arrange for your home assessment today.