The Roma Vida Sport Wheelchair

The Vida is hand made to order in Great Britain and utilises the best components available, with many unique features unlike any other active wheelchair. The Disability Trading Company are proud to be one of onl ya handful of official distributors for this exciting product.

Since Roma began its sports chair build programme a number of athletes have enquired about the availability of an active/everyday chair. Feedback we continue to receive from our customers suggests that although there are lots of chair options currently available nothing ticks all the boxes and fully satisfies the user’s needs quite like the Roma Vida.

A large proportion of the issues users experience, are as a result of components working loose or breaking, why build in expensive adjustment when you can get the measurements right first time and produce a chair that fits? With this in mind the Vida is a rigid active wheelchair that meets you exact requirements through a combination of exceptional build quality and performance.

Standard features include:

Optional extras include:

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