Pride Go Go Elite traveller LX

A smooth and comfortable ride when on the go.

The Pride Go Go Elite Traveller LX possesses a variety of features and has the capabilities to guarantee you will smoothly and safely get to where you need to go. With built in seat-post suspension to offer a more comfortable ride than that found on most boot scooters, which generally lack any form of suspension. The Elite Traveller LX also comes with a number of other handy features, such as a delta tiller, allowing easier control for those with limited dexterity, and a larger front storage basket. An LED light fitted to the front helps ensure that the scooter remains visible.

Product Features


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Protection Covers

We have a selection of all round protection covers for you and your scooter. Scooter covers keep your machine protected from the elements if you need to leave it outside on rainy days.


£780.00 excluding VAT
£936.00 including VAT

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