Bath Stool with Rotating Seat: Doing the moving for you. £32.00 Exc VAT
Bathing Cushion Bath Lift: Bathe in Style. £550.00 Exc VAT
Bellavita Bath Lift: The lightest bath lift on the market. £249.00 Exc VAT
Deluxe Bath Bench: A very popular bath bench. £37.50 Exc VAT
Economy Drop Down Rail with Leg: Support when you need it most. £42.00 Exc VAT
Folding Bath Bench: Built with you in mind. £33.00 Exc VAT
Inflatable Bath Pillow: Making your bath Luxurious. £8.50 Exc VAT
Inflatable Shampoo Basin: Ideal for where portability and convenience are required. £17.50 Exc VAT
Kingfisher Bath Board Premium: Providing extra stability when getting in and out of the bath. £25.00 Exc VAT
Kingfisher Bath Seat: Versatile and built to last. £18.00 Exc VAT
Long Handled Sponge: An excellent bathing aid for the elderly or disabled. £4.00 Exc VAT
Round Bath Stool: Super stable and easy to move. £20.00 Exc VAT
Slatted Bath Board: Smooth surface for an easy and comfortable transfer. £24.50 Exc VAT
Slatted Bath Seat: Secure and Stable bathing. £26.00 Exc VAT

We are able to sell most products without VAT added to those eligible for VAT relief. You can claim this exemption if you are chronically sick or have a disabling condition, and the products you are buying are to help you personally, (or you are buying them on behalf of someone who qualifies). When you purchase from us, we will make sure you get any exemptions you are entitled to.