Personal Protection

Face Visor: Perspex face visor. £3.00 Exc VAT
Fashion Mask: Black fashion face mask. £3.00 Exc VAT
Hand Sanitizer 100ml: 100ml bottle. £2.00 Exc VAT
Hand Sanitizer: 500ml bottle. £5.00 Exc VAT
Hand Wipes: Hand and face wet wipes. £3.00 Exc VAT
Multi-Purpose Disposable Apron: waterproof polyethylene plastic. £9.00 Exc VAT
Surgical Face Mask: 3 ply surgical face masks. £20.00 Exc VAT
Vinyl Gloves: Powder free non sterile latex gloves. £7.00 Exc VAT

We are able to sell most products without VAT added to those eligible for VAT relief. You can claim this exemption if you are chronically sick or have a disabling condition, and the products you are buying are to help you personally, (or you are buying them on behalf of someone who qualifies). When you purchase from us, we will make sure you get any exemptions you are entitled to.