Apex Alumalite: The lightest aluminum travel scooter on the market!. £1600.00 Exc VAT
Auto Fold Scooter: The Folding Scooter can be easily folded or unfolded by remote control. £1950.00 Exc VAT
Auto Fold Scooter with Suspension: A first in its class of remote auto-folding pavement scooters.. £2250.00 Exc VAT
Breeze S3: First class all-terrain comfort!. £4500.00 Exc VAT
Breeze S4: This is as good as it gets!. £4500.00 Exc VAT
Budget Instore Boot Scooter: The Scooter has many new features which are only normally found other scooters. £680.00 Exc VAT
Drive Easy Rider: Striking new design, stunning instrumentation and offers precise handling. £3700.00 Exc VAT
Drive Envoy 4: A smooth and enjoyable ride. £1100.00 Exc VAT
Drive Envoy 8: Maneuverable and easy to drive. £1400.00 Exc VAT
e-Foldi Scooter: Revolutionary design makes the eFOLDi Lite our lightest, most compact scooter. £2250.00 Exc VAT
Globetrotter Folding Scooter: The Globe Trotter is an advanced lightweight automatic electric folding scooter.. £1975.00 Exc VAT
iRide Scooter: Journey far and wide with the iRide!. £850.00 Exc VAT
Kymco Agility: Low Profile Tires!. £2295.00 Exc VAT
Kymco K-Lite Comfort: Quality, Style & Performance!. £995.00 Exc VAT
Kymco K-Lite Scooter: Quality, Style & Performance!. £995.00 Exc VAT
Kymco Komfy 4: Maneuverable and easy to drive. £1690.00 Exc VAT
Kymco Komfy 8: Maneuverable and easy to drive. £2025.00 Exc VAT
Kymco Maxer: Sporty, Swift, Stylish.. £2950.00 Exc VAT
Kymco Maxi XLS: High Performance Versatility. £2295.00 Exc VAT
Kymco Midi XLS: Comfort & Style. £2370.00 Exc VAT
Kymco Mini Comfort: Transportable, comfortable, stylish!. £1220.00 Exc VAT
Monarch Mobie: A name to travel with. £1800.00 Exc VAT
Monarch Smarti: Automatically Folding Scooter!. £2200.00 Exc VAT
One Rehab Alpha 8: The Alpha 8; a first in its class. When you are looking for a compact.. £1875.00 Exc VAT
One Rehab Discovery 8: Looking for a highly advanced, comfortable and stylish 8mph mobility scooter?. £2400.00 Exc VAT
One Rehab Liberty Illusion: Designed to be light and comfortable. £1795.00 Exc VAT
One Rehab Liberty: Enjoy your Liberty. £1050.00 Exc VAT
One Rehab Liberty Vogue: The new Liberty Vogue mobility scooter from One Rehab.. £975.00 Exc VAT
Pride Apex Epic: Huge 3 Battery Power!. £2400.00 Exc VAT
Pride Apex Lite: Modern, Lightweight and Agile. £700.00 Exc VAT
Pride Apex Rapid: All the benefits of a larger scooter in a neat little package. £790.00 Exc VAT
Pride Apex Spirit: Rugged & Stylish. £1300.00 Exc VAT
Pride Colt Executive: A Wealth Of Luxury Features. £2900.00 Exc VAT
Pride Colt Pursuit: Modern & Stylish. £2150.00 Exc VAT
Pride Colt Sport: Full Suspension System. £1500.00 Exc VAT
Pride Colt Twin: Sleek, sporty, high performance scooter. £1350.00 Exc VAT
Pride Go Go Elite Traveller 4: Providing stable outdoor performance.. £710.00 Exc VAT
Pride Go Go Elite traveller LX: A smooth and comfortable ride when on the go.. £780.00 Exc VAT
Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Plus: The easiest travel scooter to take along anywhere. £800.00 Exc VAT
Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Sport: One of the more comfortable portable scooters on the market.. £950.00 Exc VAT
Pride Jazzy Zero Turn: 4-Wheel Stability with 3-Wheel Maneuverability. £1200.00 Exc VAT
Pride Maxima 3: Bariatric Mobility. £2750.00 Exc VAT
Pride Maxima 4: Bariatric Mobility. £2950.00 Exc VAT
Pride Quest: Adjusts to fit perfectly inside any small space. £1900.00 Exc VAT
Roma Cadiz: Best Seller!. £2150.00 Exc VAT
Roma Cordoba: Beautifully Styled. £2850.00 Exc VAT
Roma Denver: Compact car boot scooter with advanced suspension, easily comes apart into manag. £775.00 Exc VAT
Roma Granada: Comfort and latest style innovation.. £2550.00 Exc VAT
Roma Paris: Supreme Comfort. £1255.00 Exc VAT
Roma Perrero: All round suspension. £1720.00 Exc VAT
Roma Shoprider Deluxe: Great Features Smooth Operation. £1450.00 Exc VAT
Roma Sorrento: Comfort & Refinement. £1720.00 Exc VAT
Roma Sovereign 3: Reliable Companion. £1200.00 Exc VAT
Roma Sovereign 4: Valuable Companion. £1350.00 Exc VAT
Roma Torino: 3 Wheel Bariatric. £2100.00 Exc VAT
Roma Traveso: Unique Comfort Cabin. £7500.00 Exc VAT
Roma Valencia: A great choice for taking with you on days out. £1650.00 Exc VAT
Roma Wispa Scooter: The best in its class. £850.00 Exc VAT
Scooter Cosy: Keeping you Cosy on the Move. £26.00 Exc VAT
Scooter Pannier Bag: Safe storage out and about. £9.60 Exc VAT
Sterling Sapphire 2: Shine bright with sapphire. £1500.00 Exc VAT
TGA Vita Lite: All the style, all the practicality, the perfect size for nipping around town.. £2250.00 Exc VAT
TGA Zest: Compact car boot scooter with advanced suspension. £1050.00 Exc VAT
Vita Sport: The ultimate sport version of the Vita's sleek design.. £3750.00 Exc VAT
Vita X: An incredibly capable machine over varied terrain.. £4800.00 Exc VAT

We are able to sell most products without VAT added to those eligible for VAT relief. You can claim this exemption if you are chronically sick or have a disabling condition, and the products you are buying are to help you personally, (or you are buying them on behalf of someone who qualifies). When you purchase from us, we will make sure you get any exemptions you are entitled to.