Rise and Recline Chairs

Abbotsford Rise and Recliner Chair: The Abbotsford. £1070.00 Exc VAT
Dover Rise and Recliner Chair: The Dover offers a cascading. £1070.00 Exc VAT
Indiana Single Recliner: A range of colours to suit every home. £540.00 Exc VAT
Lars Dual recliner: Put your feet up and relax with Restwell. £900.00 Exc VAT
One Rehab Admiral Tilt In Space: Beautiful Styling, Quality Craftsmanship. £1050.00 Exc VAT
One Rehab Kingsley Dual Motor: Maximum comfort minimum fuss. £750.00 Exc VAT
One Rehab Kingsley Single Motor: Washable, comfortable, affordable. £700.00 Exc VAT
One Rehab Kingsley Sofa: Two Seat Luxury. £900.00 Exc VAT
Salisbury Dual recliner Standard: Made to measure for maximum comfort. £1000.00 Exc VAT
Sasha Single Motor: A quiet and reliable single motor. £510.00 Exc VAT
Surrey Rise & Recliner: With it's interchangeable back and seat options this chair will suit everyone. £1050.00 Exc VAT
The Ludlow Rise and Recliner Chair: Features a removable, flat, fibre-filled back. £1070.00 Exc VAT
The Thurland Rise and Recliner Chair: The Thurland features generous side cushions. £1070.00 Exc VAT
Ultimate Dual Motor: The Ultimate made to measure Chair. £875.00 Exc VAT

We are able to sell most products without VAT added to those eligible for VAT relief. You can claim this exemption if you are chronically sick or have a disabling condition, and the products you are buying are to help you personally, (or you are buying them on behalf of someone who qualifies). When you purchase from us, we will make sure you get any exemptions you are entitled to.