Toileting and Incontinence

Adjustable Toilet Frame: Hygienic and Safe. £27.00 Exc VAT
Bedroom Commode Chair: Discreetly comfortable. £177.00 Exc VAT
Economy Bed pan: Lightweight, strong and durable bed pan. £10.50 Exc VAT
Economy Commode: An easy-clean and comfortable commode chair for home or venue use. £36.00 Exc VAT
Economy Female Urinal: Discreet assistance for ladies on the go. £3.50 Exc VAT
Economy Male Urinal: Discreet assistance when you need it most. £5.50 Exc VAT
Folding Commode: Folds neatly for easy transportation and storage. £46.00 Exc VAT
Fracture Bed Pan: Specifically designed for use by immobile patients. £18.50 Exc VAT
Height Adjustable Commode: Hygienic, easy clean and comfortable commode chair. £46.50 Exc VAT
Kylie Fitted Sheet: Good way to protect mattresses and sheets. £38.00 Exc VAT
Lille bed and Chair Pads: Helping you get a good nights sleep. £6.00 Exc VAT
Lille Classic Pad: A cost effective Solution for mild incontinence. £8.00 Exc VAT
Lille Pull Ups Extra medium: Maximising dignity and Minimising hassle. £13.00 Exc VAT
Lille Shaped pads Extra: Suitable for Daytime use and Night time protection. £12.00 Exc VAT
Lille Suprem Medium Pull Ups Maxi: Ideal solution for active and independent users. £13.00 Exc VAT
Savanah Raised Toilet Seat: Lightweight durable stain resistant seat. £12.00 Exc VAT
Selina Slipper Pan: Providing Safety and long lasting Protection. £13.00 Exc VAT
Uriwell Unisex Urinal: Discreet and Portable. £17.00 Exc VAT

We are able to sell most products without VAT added to those eligible for VAT relief. You can claim this exemption if you are chronically sick or have a disabling condition, and the products you are buying are to help you personally, (or you are buying them on behalf of someone who qualifies). When you purchase from us, we will make sure you get any exemptions you are entitled to.