Walking Aids

Aidapt Folding Seat Cane: The perfect addition to any journey. £15.00 Exc VAT
Folding Adjustable Aluminium Walking Stick: Lightweight in a variety of colours. £10.00 Exc VAT
Folding Aluminium Walking Stick: A lightweight but sturdy four-part folding walking stick. £10.00 Exc VAT
Folding Lightweight Aluminium Rollator: Giving you independence. £72.00 Exc VAT
Lightweight Aluminium Tri Wheeled Walker: Stylish Modern and Safe. £65.00 Exc VAT
One Rehab Zoom Rollator: Stylish and contemporary. £100.00 Exc VAT
Shock Absorb Walking Stick: Taking the bumps for You. £20.50 Exc VAT
Tripod Walking Stick: Provides additional stability for users. £30.00 Exc VAT
Uniscan Glider Plus: The Rolls Royce of Walkers. £285.00 Exc VAT
Uniscan-Triumph: The ultimate 3 wheel walker. £235.00 Exc VAT
Walking Stick Ice Grip: Keeping you Safe in the Cold. £5.50 Exc VAT
Walking Stick Strap: Keeping your stick safe. £3.00 Exc VAT
Wedge Handle Elbow Crutches: maximum support and comfort. £20.00 Exc VAT
X Fold Rollater: Redefines what you should expect from your rollator. £110.00 Exc VAT

We are able to sell most products without VAT added to those eligible for VAT relief. You can claim this exemption if you are chronically sick or have a disabling condition, and the products you are buying are to help you personally, (or you are buying them on behalf of someone who qualifies). When you purchase from us, we will make sure you get any exemptions you are entitled to.